If you are planning on staying overnight at PPIR during the event you must register and pay for camping. Staying overnight at PPIR on Friday or Saturday night is not included in your racing registration or car show registration.

There is No Parking on the west-side main parking lot after 11:59pm on Saturday 5/12/18 as there is an SCCA Autocross race event on Sunday in the parking lot. The infield of the raceway will open a few hours after the car show at 8pm-Midnight for people to re-park their vehicles on the infield (move your car from the west lot into the interior of the oval raceway). Any cars left in the parking lot after midnight will be towed.

Time Attack Autocross Racing

All racers and car show participants are welcome to race on PPIR’s Time Attack Autocross Course! Time Attack will be open for use on Friday from 12pm-7pm and on Saturday from 9am – 6pm. The Time Attack course is located on the east side of PPIR’s road-course, and the staging area is located south of the car show area (see map).  After a driver makes a run through the course the driver must safely slow the car down to a speed of 25 mph in order to make their way back to the staging area or the paddock. Slowing down must begin immediately after passing the finish line. Breaking the speed limit of 25 mph will not be tolerated and offenders may be removed from the event by PPIR officials.

Time Attack will have multiple staging lanes setup before the start line. All drivers will be checked by a PPIR official for the proper wrist band which allows for drag strip and Time Attack driving activity. The use of the Time Attack course will be first come, first serve.


  • Helmets are required (open or full face DOT rated helmets are ok).
  • No skull-cap type helmets allowed.
  • Helmet rentals are available at the PPIR Info Center / Camping Store


  • Tires in good condition, no older than 5 years (safe tread, sidewalls undamaged, valve stems ok, etc.)
  • Tire pressures are properly set (refer to vehicle manufacturer settings)
  • All lug nuts are torqued and present (refer to vehicle manufacturer specifications)
  • Hubcaps and trimmings (if not secured by lug nuts) are removed from vehicle
  • No play in wheel bearings
  • Minimal play in steering linkage
  • Brake system in good condition (pads, rotors, lines, etc.)
  • Fluid levels are set (engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering, coolant, brake fluid, etc.)
  • No fluid leaks from the vehicle of any kind
  • Fuel level is set (arrive to the track with a full tank, there is no fuel available at PPIR)
  • Vehicle is free of loose items (including the trunk)
  • Battery is properly secured
  • No exposed electrical wires
  • Hoses and lines are securely fastened and routed properly and safely
  • Fully functional seat belts in good condition (factory stock or better required)

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